Edenbridge Cricket Club All Stars 2018 squad

All Stars 2018

Activator : Mark Howard

Activator 2 : Gareth Fuller

Currently laid low with a back injury (oooh, me back) I'm missing all the early successes of the summer, including the cup run. Hope to be back by the end of June, after an intensive course of chiropractic treatment, and warm weather training in Somerset. Saturday 1ST Player of the Year 2008

Activator 3 : Tim Cox

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away a 13 year old Tim Cox began playing cricket for what was then Edenbridge Colts. 45 years later (!!!) I'm still playing, despite gammy knees, & ankles, failing muscles & the onset of senile dementia (some would say). Have been through thick & thin with the club, skippering Saturday & Sunday 1st XI along the way & even being Club Chairman for three years. Now looking forward to retirement & watching all the young'ns doing all the running around in my dotage. 

Activator 4 : Neil Hodson

Works Shifts but interested