Edenbridge Cricket Club - Junior

Edenbridge Cricket Club Red Socks 

Edenbridge Cricket Club Red Socks is the junior section of the club. The Red Socks has a mantra of “cricket for all” – what does this mean?

  • We welcome and accommodate boys and girls of all ages of all abilities and help them develop
    into the best cricketers they can and want to be.
  • We want our juniors to enjoy the game.
  • We want to develop our coaching – both in the number of qualified coaches and in our
    approach. We want the Red Socks to attract players because of our coaching set-up.
  • The spirit of cricket is fundamental to the way we want to play the game – we want the Red
    Socks to play hard, but at all times remain and respectful to team mates and the opposition.
  • We want to develop our juniors beyond the playing of cricket, to encourage a community spirit
    and make them an important and valued part of the wider Club.
  • We recognise that the parents are supportive in their time and money and we want them to feel
    a part of the Club as well.
  • We want each child’s participation in the Red Socks to engender a love of the game of cricket,
    and a desire to progress through the age groups towards Academy and, eventually, senior