Child Welfare

'Safe Hands' – Child Welfare

The ECB has produced 'Safe Hands' – Crickets Policy for Safeguarding Children as part of its commitment to ensuring that the game provides a safe, friendly and enjoyable experience for children and vulnerable adults in particular.

The 'Safe Hands' Policy provides the sport with the tools to ensure that the whole game takes up the challenge of continuously improving the participation conditions for children and young people.

'Safe Hands' greatly enhances the value of existing activities and practices throughout ECB's extensive club and schools network and ensures that the many thousands of coaches and volunteers integral to the game are supported.

The Policy is backed up by a comprehensive training and education programme, a structured implementation plan and a sensitive process to respond to concerns.

Safe Hands

The Policy and associated documents are available to download here on

How will Child Protection affect me?

Child welfare and protection in Cricket is mandatory to all.

The 'Safe Hands' Policy has been developed to provide a comprehensive and complete guide to all those who play, coach, umpire, assist and volunteer in Cricket.

What does my club need to do?

Child Welfare and Protection will not be implemented overnight. It is a long-term process. It is the responsibility of the whole Club to implement the child protection policies and procedures.

Club Welfare Officers – Amanda Bird / Vicky Neary

  • A Club must nominate a Club Welfare Officer who will advise and ensure that child welfare and protection is being adhered to in the Club Club Welfare Officer - job description
  • The CWO must attend a ‘Good Practice and Child Protection’ course
  • The Club Welfare Officer must be DBS checked
  • The Club Welfare Officer must attend the NSPCC ‘Time to Listen’ course

Complaints and Discipline

See also the Complaints and Discipline Procedure page in this section for full details of the ECB's Child Protection complaints procedures.