Cricket has been played at Blossoms Park in Edenbridge since Tudor times when the game of cricket was reputedly invented. The first recorded games were between teams from The Downs and The Weald (long before the game was played at upstart places such as Hambledon). Edenbridge is, of course, in the Weald and was a natural meeting point for the teams, being at the conjunction of two railway lines and a major river.

The first club captain was reputedly the father of Anne Boleyn (Barry Boleyn). Anne was the club's first female junior joining a young Kevin Murphy who was, at the time, the only other junior member and still plays for the club on a Sunday.

The club's first recorded match was against a Hampton Court XI in 1560. Little is known of the final result other than one Henry Tudor of Hampton was both top scorer 132 no. and wicket taker with 9-3 from his two overs. The only surprise was to find that young George Bushell did not get a mention (having since played in over 700 matches for the club).

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