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15 Oct 2017 : Edenbridge CC and TheGivingMachine - Thank you


Thanks to everyone who has signed up to The Giving Machine.  We have raised over £70 in just a few months through nothing more than on-line shopping.

If you have not signed up yet, it is really easy to do

Simply go to
and JOIN – it’s that easy.

When shopping online click via www.TheGivingMachine.co.uk, you will raise FREE donations for the Club. It won't cost you a penny extra and the more members and friends we have signed up the more we raise.!

TheGivingMachine - Shop&Give

Once you have joined, never forget to shop through TheGivingMachine again by downloading the Shop&Give Reminder on your Laptop or Desktop.  This handy tool can raise 2.5 times more Donations and can be downloaded here:


It is quick to install and it shows a TGM pop-up window every time you are on a participating website. Also when you search on Google or Bing you will find the TheGivingMachine logo and the donations percentage above all participating websites. The little purple heart gives you access to your account details, messages and favourite retailers. 

(PS: Shop&Give does not work with Amazon. But you can easily generate a donation via Amazon by clicking on the Shop & Give reminder heart and selecting Amazon from the recommended retailers or typing Amazon into the search bar. Alternatively you can generate a donation via Amazon by using TheGivingMachine website or via our iOS App.)

Many thanks! Don't hesitate to ask any questions.


Mark Howard

26 Sep 2017 : Members Vote to GO AHEAD!

Members vote to GO AHEAD with the Matt Cox Community Pavilion!

Hot off the press: At the EGM held this evening (26th Sept) at Blossoms Park, members voted unanimously to go ahead with the demolition of the existing cricket pavilion and the construction of a new community pavilion dedicated to the memory of Matt Cox.  More to follow....

13 Sep 2017 : TeamCoxy Football Tournament raises over £2,500 !!!

We've just had the final figure for the TeamCoxy six-side football tournament on Bank Holiday Monday: an unbelievable


A massive vote of thanks to Josh BoakesLuke Boakes and Alex Mason. Big thanks also to Ben WilsonGeorgia Harbour, Glynis Boakes, Jack Haycock-West for all their help on the day.
I know I'll have forgotten to thank somebody so apologies if that's you, but there really were too many people to thank. Thanks to all the players, helpers, referees & all those who just came along to watch some quality football (!!??), eat burgers & drink beer. Thanks everyone.

12 Sep 2017 : Extraordinary General Meeting - 26th Sept. 2017

Dear Member,

Edenbridge Cricket Club hereby gives notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to be held at The Pavilion, Blossoms Park, Mill Hill, Edenbridge, TN8 5DA, on Tuesday 26th September 2017, starting at  8.30pm.

There is one item on the Agenda, that being:

Members to vote to Go Ahead or Not to Go Ahead with the demolition of the existing cricket pavilion and the construction of a new community pavilion dedicated to the memory of Matthew Cox.

Ahead of the vote, members of the Matt Cox Community Pavilion Project Building Sub-Committee will present:

  • The design and drawings of the proposed new pavilion
  • The estimated cost of the project
  • The funding position for the project
  • An estimated timeline for the construction
  • An update on the tender process to appoint a construction partner

All senior members with subscriptions paid for either the 2016 or 2017 season are entitled to attend and vote at the EGM.

Members who are unable to attend the EGM may appoint a  Proxy to vote on their behalf.  To appoint a proxy the member must send an email to chrismartin73@btinternet.com providing the name and address of the member, and the name of the appointed proxy.  Proxy appointments must be received by 8.30pm on Monday 25th September 2017.  Proxy’s must make themselves known to the Chairman of the EGM upon arrival.


 Chris Martin


31 Aug 2017 : Bank Holiday Six-a-side football tournament

I'd just like to thank everybody who turned up to play, help out, drink beer, eat burgers & generally have a good time at Edenbridge Cricket Club on Bank Holiday Monday for our 6-a-side football tournament in aid of our Matthew Cox Pavilion Fund. Big thanks to Josh Boakes, Luke Boakes, Alex Mason for arranging the day: great job gents. Thanks also to Glynis Boakes for manning the bar all day & keeping things under control. Thanks too to Ben Wilson & Georgia Harbour for their help on the mic & doing the admin. Thanks to you all.

I don't know yet how much we made, but judging by how much money went across the bar, it will be significant ! Watch this space for further news & for photos of the day.

Thanks to all

Tim Cox

31 Aug 2017 : More press time for our fund raising efforts

27 Aug 2017 : Strategy for Cricket in Sussex - Review of Recreational League Cricket

Please see below a message from Gary Stanley at Sussex Cricket regarding the review of recreational adult league cricket.


URGENT - Strategy for Cricket in Sussex - Review of Recreational League Cricket

Dear Recreational League Club,

Further to the e-mail below, sent out in late June, the ALG review group has now completed the nine consultation sessions around the County. We estimate that we spoke directly to around two thirds of Clubs in Sussex and we thank them for taking the time to give us their views. The sessions were incredibly valuable and an enormous amount of feedback was obtained.

The first thing we made clear is that the actual structure of a future league, based around the feedback received at these sessions, is the ONLY thing that the ALG has been mandated to recommend to the SCL Board. Any decisions around playing conditions, start times, match formats etc. would still be decided by a Club vote at the appropriate meeting, as is the case now. That said, the discussions were not limited to the structure and we had a great deal of interesting feedback around all aspects of league cricket.

During the sessions, we distributed three possible ideas for a new single league structure, all slightly different to one another. These were presented purely as visual aids and discussion starters, certainly not as the three choices that were available. The handouts proved a very useful discussion tool and are attached here for your information.

Although we have received all sorts of valuable feedback and ideas, we wanted to give you a flavour of the trends that have emerged over the nine sessions, the views most commonly stated. They were: -

  • Not one attendee disagreed with the principle of having one league containing all teams in Sussex. There seems to be a general view that this is the only way to resolve all the issues facing us in terms of participation and performance.
  • The clear majority recognise the need for a Central pillar in the structure, understandably the clubs toward the middle of the County would favour that starting higher up than those in the East and West corners.
  • There is a general acceptance that the bottom of the SPCL is an issue and that those teams need to be mixed in with the higher divisions of the other three leagues in any new structure.
  • Whilst the better teams are happy to travel to play teams of a similar standard, there is agreement with the need for wider regionalisation and shorter ‘cricket days’ toward the lower end of the structure.
  • The best ways to shorten the ‘cricket day’ at the lower levels are (1) less travelling time and (2) shorter formats, or a combination of both. This is generally considered to be the key to keeping young people in cricket, whilst allowing them the social life that they want outside of the game.
  • The majority view is that either 20 or 30 teams playing countywide would suffice for the performance end to improve.
  • The role of overseas players was mentioned at every meeting. There are some very differing views on what their role should be, but all agreed that this needs to be defined much more clearly in a new structure.
  • On the governance side, there is general support for having one committee at the top, based around the existing ALG, potentially including a paid administrator role depending on funding, with regional sub-committees further down the structure to ensure the bottom end is fully protected.

I will save the main point until the end: -

  • Many clubs, mainly in Mid and West Sussex, have expressed the view that given the issues faced by recreational cricket, we cannot afford to wait until 2019 to put this new structure in place. There is a significant groundswell of opinion that it should happen for next season. It is understood by those advocating this that the governance side of the restructure would not be able happen over one winter. Instead, a two-step process has been widely suggested: -
    1. Put the playing side of the structure in place for 2018, with a guarantee that all clubs will be playing in one combined league in 2019. This means that Clubs needing to effectively move into a different league for 2018 could be certain that it was for one year ONLY. The four existing committees would be responsible for running the appropriate parts of the structure for next season.
    2. The ALG to spend 2018 ensuring that the governance aspects are all in place ready for the 2018 AGM and that the combined league, under one banner, can start in 2019.

 We are aware that some clubs were not able to come to a session in their area and that clubs who did attend may have received additional views from their members since that time. Therefore, you now have a short window during which to feed back to us any views that you have, whether in agreement with the general points above or not. We would especially like to hear from ESCL clubs about the prospect of starting in 2018, as this idea was not fully explored until raised at subsequent meetings. We will be having an ALG meeting during the week commencing 11th September to discuss all of this, so please advise any views you have to gary.stanley@sussexcricket.co.uk (copying your league Exec in if you wish) by Friday 8th September.

On behalf of the Adult Leagues Group.

Kind Regards.

Gary Stanley

Sussex Cricket Limited, Board Member

Sussex Cricket Foundation, Trustee

West Sussex Invitation Cricket League, Chairman


Daytime: 01273 792305

Mobile: 07775 933311


Follow this link to see the proposals for potential future league structures:

Sussex Cricket Leagues Potential future structures.xlsx

20 Aug 2017 : Congratulations to Adam Fuller & to Will Standing

Congratulations to Adam Fuller on taking 4 wickets for 44 runs in today's Sunday 2nd XI game against Crawley (Sunday 20th August 2107), outdoing his dad in doing so.  

Congratulations also to Will Standing who opened the bowling superbly without luck. Both boys bowled really well & both did really well with the bat too.

Also another good knock from Dan Martin, sadly in a losing battle, but never the less a good knock,

Thanks to all for playing & especially the young lads. That's what Sunday 2s cricket is all about.

Tim Cox

18 Aug 2017 : Edenbridge Cricket Club - Junior Section - Newsletter


A quick line to attach the latest Newsletter with some exciting and important news regarding the Junior Section.

Thanks - any queries, please let me know.

All the best



09 Aug 2017 : 2017 Cricket Playing Survey

Dear all,

You may have received an email already from Sussex Cricket, or Kent Cricket, or the ECB.  The 2017 Cricket Playing Survey is now available for completion.

Please follow/copy-paste this link to complete the survey:   https://ecb.tell-us-what-you-think.com/s3/YourSay2017

The survey this year contains a set of questions that relate specifically to the future of the Mid Sussex Cricket League so please take the time to complete this survey as soon as you can.

Many thanks


Club Secretary

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